spoiler alert: you are worth more than your relationship status, and no matter what God loves you

hi, i'm 27 years old and i've never had boyfriend. yet i'm doing perfectly fine and living my best life!!

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I HIGHLY recommend this book for anyone looking to understand relationships and how to set your standards the way God intended them:


Hi, my name is Naomi I'm, 27 years old and I have never had a boyfriend or been in a relationship or been on a date, and the reason why I'm putting is super embarrassing, at least according to society standards fact on the Internet is because I know that there are a lot of girls or probably in the same position as me.

You know, maybe not as old as me, but the girls who've never had a boyfriend I think that there's something wrong with them because of it.

I'm here to tell you that there is literally nothing wrong with you and to share my story in hopes that I'll give you hope and comfort and just a disclaimer of my faith paint.

My faith plays a huge part in this.

So yes, and maybe talk about God, Jesus and I'm- not here to convert you but just be honest.

But what has got me to this level of peace that I'm at and hope for the future, because I, it's just insane how I went from like crying myself to sleep every night to right now, like thriving, literally living, my best life and not being worried or caring? What other people think of me or the fact that yes, I'm single and I happened for my entire freakin life, so um yeah, so I guess we can start with this story so growing up.

You know, I had crushes on boys and always loved rom-com movies, and so when I was in high school I was like this is it this is when I'm going to have that amazing romance where I'm the shy quiet girl who the school jock notices? Finally, after three years and hates you, no, no that didn't happen.

So I went four years without a boyfriend went to prom by myself.

Literally I was like the to force.

I was the seventh wheel at my prom table like there was an empty seat beside me.

It's pretty sad now that I think about it, but I lived to tell the tale, and so then you know I was like hey university, like all those girls meet guys in college like for sure this is going to be the time when I have my first boyfriend- and you know four years in university past and nada- nothing nope, no, not at all so yeah that kind of suck- and you know, during these time periods I would just feel an aching.

Loneliness I definitely thought something was wrong with me for the longest time, I blamed my skin, because I mean you can't really tell by oh good, but I have acne prone skin and so I would think like.

No one loves me or is going to like want to date me because of my skin, which is something I was bullied for when I was younger, I mean it wasn't serious um and so I literally have like diary entries with like dried tears, now I'm laughing about it.

But back then this was pretty traumatizing.

Okay and yeah.

I do remember, like literally sleeping in soaked pillows, because I would be crying myself to sleep thinking, I'd be forever alone and I would have like literally me, crying out to God, because I did have my faith like basically throughout my whole life growing up um, but it wasn't until I.

Think I was like 20 25 is 24 25, where I started to really dive deeper into my faith, and that is literally what brought me to here.

So anyways, um, yeah I, was kind of sad I.

Even would like lie about the fact that I've never been in a relationship like around my own friends, we'd be playing drinking games and it'd be like kay the person who was in a relationship the longest tast drink, and everyone would go around in a circle and say like oh, like two years a year and a half and then I'd get to me.

I'm, like oh yeah, I was only like a couple months in high school lies I, literally dated no one in high school.

So clearly, it was something that I was very ashamed of and, to be honest, putting this video on the internet and saying this for, like literally the whole world, is still pretty nerve-wracking but honestly, like I, just hate how society I can't keep blaming society, but literally you know, we've come too believe.

Most of us that are worth lies in our relationship and it doesn't like it literally doesn't there is nothing wrong with me and there is nothing wrong with you.

If you've never dated someone, in fact, it's actually been a huge blessing.

You got something that I've realized after kind of diving deeper into my face.

That's like me, diving, diving, deeper into my faith, is that it is a blessing God literally protected me from heartbreak, from pain, from stress from anxiety.

All of the things that come with relationships.

I know that there's like way more better things know like love and all that um.

But you know, I was never ready for a relationship in high school or university, or even my early 20s I was still super self-conscious.

I had like so many insecurities, I wasn't sure of Who.

I am what my purpose was.

What my passion was I was still discovering, who I was so if I was having to you know date, someone else and just deal with that as well.

It it wouldn't have ended well and I would have to deal with the the painful heartbreak that comes with a breakup, at least that's what my friends have told me so yeah.

So then, once I started to kind of explore my faith and stuff I came to understand, more of who God was and who I was to him and by the way, you too, whether you believe believe in and we're not.

You are loved.

You are literally the apple of God's eye.

You know whether you don't I was fortunate enough to have like amazing, loving parents and friends and family and I'm sure you do too, and even if you don't like, you are still loved, and that is I think the main message of this.

This rant, but I'm going on right now, but yeah I started to become more confident in who I was and who I was created to be, and my purpose on this earth and realizing that yeah God's got me and having hope for the future, knowing that he knows the desires of my heart and he will fulfill them and when you think about it, like you know, it's most people get married like say in their 20s 30s, and then they have like 30 40, 50, 60 I.

Don't how long you live yours to be in a relationship and to live your life with someone else.

But how many years do you really have to be a young single person? You know to be pretty much selfish and just work on yourself spend all of your time doing things that you love without caring about what another person wants to do or having to accommodate for another person.

You know this is the time to chase after your own dreams to try your own hobbies, whether they're, new or old.

You know take that top dancing class go to that workout class every single day and become the best version of yourself, and so that's kind of what the journey that I've been on for, like the past two or three years, literally just living my best life I've been kind of blessed to have complete peace with my season of singleness, but yet hope for the future and I just hope that you guys can get to that point too.

I know that it's not easy trust me I've been I've been in those little Pat's, especially now that you know the holidays are coming up.

I feel like that's what most people feel um the loneliness, the loneliness, the loneliest and yeah I.

Just hope that this video can can give you hope, and let you know that you're not alone.

If you have any questions or you want to talk, leave a comment.

Send me a message on Instagram, because I am there for you, you are beautiful, you are loved and God loves you thanks for watching this rant, bye.


How to date a girl who never had a boyfriend? ›

10 Tips For Dating Someone Who Never Been in a Relationship
  1. Communication.
  2. Be direct.
  3. Appreciate their gestures.
  4. Guide them on boundaries.
  5. Ignore a few side talks.
  6. Don't let them dwell on the doubts about themselves.
  7. Control ego.
  8. Learn to fight.
May 23, 2023

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  • It's Hard To Keep Conversation Going. ...
  • You Find Yourself Thinking Of Other People Too Often. ...
  • The Thought Of Settling Down Makes You Uncomfortable. ...
  • You Are Not Able To See The Best In Her. ...
  • You Are The One Initiating Contact Every Time. ...
  • Your Friends Don't Like Her.
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Is it normal to be 24 and never had a boyfriend? ›

Being perpetually single at 24 might feel a little bit difficult now, but I promise that it's totally normal and it's only going to become more normal. Simply put, I say don't worry, be happy. I don't think you could possibly be doing more in your search for love, or changing your approach.

Is it a red flag if someone has never been in a relationship before? ›

Many of us would automatically fear the worst if a love interest tells us they've never been with a partner before, but relationship gurus have revealed it shouldn't be an instant red flag.

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  • Don't be clingy. Nothing is going to make a single independent guy or gal run more than a clinger. ...
  • Let them choose the pace, without controlling everything. ...
  • Be open and clear. ...
  • Be yourself.
Jul 15, 2019

How to win a girl who is dating someone else? ›

Show her you care about her.

Don't profess your love and never say anything nasty about her current partner. Instead, just make casual small talk, ask her opinion about something, or talk to her about things going on in her life. Just paying attention to her will signal to her that you care about her.

How to flirt with a girl that has a boyfriend over text? ›

Here are some things you can say:
  1. "I think your new haircut really makes your eyes stand out. It looked great before, but it's even prettier now."
  2. "You're one of the only girls I've met who loves sports and who is really fun to talk to about almost anything. ...
  3. "I really feel like I can talk to you about anything."

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15 Signs To Know That She Is The One For You
  1. You Are Happy. If you are happy and you know it, clap your hands! ...
  2. She Is Your Person. ...
  3. She Loves You For Being You. ...
  4. She Supports You. ...
  5. Your Friends And Family Love Her. ...
  6. She Is Always There For You. ...
  7. You Both Learn From Your Fights. ...
  8. You Imagine A Future With Her.
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How to Tell She is the One: 9 Signs You Should Lookout to Know She is Your Miss Right
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  2. You can spend time with your friends' group as well as your girl. ...
  3. You feel good every time you meet her. ...
  4. You both try to resolve fights. ...
  5. You not only love her but admire her.
Dec 4, 2017

What age do most people have a boyfriend? ›

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, kids start dating at an average age of 12 and a half for girls and 13 and a half for boys. Every teen — or preteen — is different, though, and your child might be ready sooner or later than their peers.

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Whether you're 35 or 75, it's never too late to fall madly (or gently and even sacredly) in love. Just ask actress Ellen Burstyn and a host of other women who found themselves in the heat of romance when they least expected it. My mother met the love of her life when she was 84.

Is it OK to be 22 and never had a boyfriend? ›

There's absolutely nothing wrong with never having this or that by a specific age. They are called life experiences for a reason. So what if I haven't had a boyfriend yet? My time will come.

What is the biggest red flag in a guy? ›

15 red flags in a relationship to look out for
  1. Overly controlling behavior. Overly controlling behavior is a common red flag in relationships. ...
  2. Lack of trust. ...
  3. Feeling low self-esteem. ...
  4. Physical, emotional, or mental abuse. ...
  5. Substance abuse. ...
  6. Narcissism. ...
  7. Anger management issues. ...
  8. Codependency.

How quickly can you fall in love? ›

“There is no absolute rule,” says Dr. Lauren Kerwin, a clinical psychologist in Los Angeles. “[Falling in love] can happen instantaneously or take weeks, months, or years! It happens differently for everybody and takes different forms.”

What is your red flag in a girl? ›

Physical, emotional, or mental abuse

Physical, emotional, and mental abuse are undeniable red flags in any relationship. Physical abuse is easier to pick up but emotional and mental abuse can be just as damaging in the long run.

What is the hardest year of dating? ›

The first year of the relationship is the hardest stage, and even when you're living together, you still discover new things about each other every day. How to Survive: The key to getting past the discovery stage is also discovery. The discovery of your partner's imperfections and your imperfections as well.

Why am I single for too long? ›

You may have been single a long time for various reasons. Maybe you struggled with unresolved feelings after a difficult break-up, suffered from damaged self-esteem, or maybe you're simply too busy with work, friendships, and everything else that takes up time.

Is 30 too late to be single? ›

Being single in your 30s doesn't mean you weren't with someone you thought you'd spend the rest of your life with. It also doesn't mean you'll stay single for the rest of your life too. But for now, as long as it takes to find the right one, you're single and life is easy.

How do you seduce a girl who is already in a relationship? ›

Look for opportunities to hang out with her and do fun things together, without any romantic expectations. To make her feel more at ease, try inviting her out with other friends at first. That way, she won't feel like you're trying to ask her out on a date right away.

How to win a girls heart? ›

5 tips for men to win a woman's heart
  1. Be vulnerable. If you want loyalty and support from your women, you must open up and be vulnerable. ...
  2. Do not stereotype her. Want a confident and secure partner? ...
  3. Pay attention to little things. ...
  4. Support her in front of her friends, family. ...
  5. Keep surprising her.
Jan 20, 2023

How do you control a woman's mind and make her love you? ›

How to Change a Woman's Mind About You
  1. Do something nice for her.
  2. Make her laugh.
  3. Pay her an authentic compliment.
  4. Point out the things you have in common with her.
  5. Be honest with her about your feelings.
  6. Listen to what she has to say without interrupting.
  7. Keep your body language open and confident.

How to win a stubborn girl heart? ›

This is how to win a girl's heart and even keep it to yourself for a long time to come.
  1. Genuinely appreciate her. ...
  2. Look good. ...
  3. Oh, and smell good. ...
  4. Give her your attention. ...
  5. As a rule of thumb, never double text her. ...
  6. Make her feel special. ...
  7. Treat her like an equal. ...
  8. Touch her at the points that matter.
Mar 4, 2022

How do you tell she has mixed feelings? ›

Mixed signals in a new relationship.
  1. They message you often but don't make plans to hang out.
  2. They're inconsistent and unavailable.
  3. They say they want an emotional connection but don't go deeper.
  4. They're only present when it's convenient for them.
Mar 11, 2021

How long does it take to know she is the one? ›

According to a new study, it takes around six months, or 172 days, for a person to decide if the person they are dating is marriage material.

How do you find she is my soulmate? ›

If you are in a trusting, positive friendship with your SO, that's an amazing sign!
  1. Being with them feels like home.
  2. You balance each other out.
  3. You respect each other's differences but agree about the important things.
  4. You challenge each other.
  5. You can totally be yourself.
  6. You fight for the relationship.
Apr 14, 2023

What age do girls start liking boys? ›

First crushes may occur at any time, but generally start at around 10-13 years of age. They are an important step in developing normal and healthy romantic relationships, and provide opportunities to learn how to compromise and communicate.

How do most relationships start? ›

'Friends with benefits'

Of the married couples in the study, two-thirds said they were friends before becoming a couple, but many of the couples also said they were “friends with benefits,” or friends who engage in sexual activity, before being in a fully committed romantic relationship.

How do you know you met the one? ›

“When you've found The One, you want everyone in your life to meet them, and get to know them,” says Assimos. “You are genuinely excited about the prospect of being with this person, and you're no longer are looking around to see what else is out there.”

What age gap is too big? ›

A relationship age gap bigger than 10 years often comes with its own set of issues. “While there are always exceptions to rules, a good rule to remember is that dating someone more than 10 years older will present challenges now or later that add to the preexisting challenges any relationship has,” he says.

Is dating harder after 30? ›

Some aspects of dating in your 30s make the process harder—such as a shrinking candidate pool. You can no longer meet potential partners at school and probably aren't attending parties and social gatherings as often.

What is the best age gap love? ›

Couples with an age gap of 1 to 3 years (with the man older than the woman) were the most common and had the greatest levels of satisfaction. Relationship satisfaction decreased slightly for couples with age gaps of 4 to 6 years and continued to decrease for couples with an age gap of 7 or more years.

How common is it to never date? ›

Never-married single men and women are about equally likely to have never been in a relationship (35% and 37%, respectively). Those who have never been in a relationship are less likely to be looking for a relationship or dates than never-married singles who have some experience with committed relationships (53% vs.

Who is the girl who never had a boyfriend? ›

Nicole Farina has never had a boyfriend. The 26-year-old's TikTok videos about her dating life – or lack thereof – have gone viral, likely because she is in strong, single company. The hashtag "#neverhadaboyfriend" on TikTok has more than 25 million views.

What percent of people have never dated? ›

For both women and men, older respondents and respondents with secondary education are more likely to say that they had dated. For example, while 42 percent of women age 15-19 have never dated, the corresponding proportion for women age 20-24 is 17 percent.

Is it normal to be 22 and never had a boyfriend? ›

There's absolutely nothing wrong with never having this or that by a specific age. They are called life experiences for a reason. So what if I haven't had a boyfriend yet? My time will come.

Is it normal to never had a relationship? ›

"Many people have not had their first long-term romantic relationships, and it's OK not to partner until you are ready," Brown says. Take time to get to know yourself. "Self-exploration can assist you in defining what feels best for you so that you can identify when you've made a solid match in a partner," Brown adds.

Is it harder to get over someone you never dated? ›

To get over someone you never dated is tough and frustrating. Primarily because you can't even be angry with the person for there isn't a real breakup. The pain of breaking up with someone, who was never yours, can thus be a lonesome struggle. It's a difficult thing to get over someone you never had.

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