SCORPIO MAN: What are they like ??? (2023)


The Scorpio man is perhaps the most enigmatic of all the Zodiac. However, his captivating and sensual gaze makes him a riddle that many want to decipher. So, if you just met a Scorpio man and you still don't know how to decode his behavior, in this video we look at the Scorpio man and answer what are they like!

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The scorpio man is perhaps the most enigmatic of all the zodiacs.

However, his captivating and sensual gaze makes him a riddle that many want to decipher.

So if you've just met a scorpio man- and you still don't know how to decode his behavior in this video, we look at the psyche and intimate personality, welcome to life solver and don't forget to hit subscribe for more weekly.

Videos like this scorpio energy is known for its deep and dark emotions, so the person under the zodiac sign will experience his circumstances very intensely life and death intermingle within him, which is why his identity is constantly undergoing profound changes.

Therefore, the scorpio man is passionate.

He loves with his whole heart and even with his entire soul, he is capable of sacrificing his well-being for the sake of his beloved's comfort, although no one will ever notice as he hides.

His emotions carefully within him lies an endless ocean of deep affections mixed with consuming desire that ends up turning into a raging tsunami.

However, in his expression, you will never see a sign of the most remote discomfort, since he perfectly masters what he displays and never allows himself to be vulnerable in front of others to others.

The scorpio man is quite serious and solemn.

He does not talk to just anyone and it is not clear what he does in his spare time.

Scorpios are very suspicious of their privacy and won't reveal it to practically anyone.

Now, if you really set your mind to it, you'll manage to gain his trust, but it will be a long process that will take several tests to overcome the person who has the patience and strength to do so will be able to access the secret world of the scorpio man, an exclusive place that very few managed to enter afterward.

He will be eternally faithful to this relationship and will love and protect it forever.

For the scorpio man, the loving and sexual exchange is powerful and profound.

Both psychologically and physically, sexuality can be experienced in very different ways, through control, with the impossibility of letting go and giving oneself entirely to the other or through total surrender, which allows a vital and transforming force to circulate through both lovers.

Therefore, the relationship with a scorpio man is a great challenge.

After he allows you to be part of his private life, everything will become very intense to the point of never leaving each other's side, so you have to be careful in this phase as it can make.

You neglect the rest of your obligations and relationships, but if you manage to get through this first period without it being too absorbing the relationship will end up stabilizing, although scorpio may feel jealous from time to time, although he will not show it openly now, the issue will be to encourage him to communicate his feelings.

The scorpio man finds it extremely difficult to put into words what he feels, which can be a great problem.

If something bothers him, he will keep it to himself and say nothing about it, then that discomfort will grow, bigger and bigger until he explodes and claimed nonsense.

Making others distressed and clueless besides the great judges that the scorpio man hoards inside, could be easily solved if he would learn to speak more openly many times situations for which he suffers are mere misunderstandings and asking for a second opinion would confirm him, a scorpio man without realizing it pretends.

Others can guess his feelings, but nothing is further from the truth, especially since his neutral utterances make it impossible for others to decrypt, what's happening inside him.

Now, if someone is going through some trouble, the scorpio man will spot it miles away.

He'll be the first to know when things are not going well and when the environment is not conducive to staying in the scorpio man is not afraid of going into the unknown, and that is why he ventures into those situations that others would never dare to experience.

Therefore, he helps people to be more courageous and to get in touch with their talents and strength.

People feel safe around him, which encourages them to share his fears and rough experiences as the scorpio man will never judge them.

So if you have a secret or underwent some trauma, there's nothing more comforting than turning to the scorpio man to get it off.

Your chest he's not interested in gossip or window dressing, but rather in observing directly into the souls of others.

A talent few possess attracting his attention through expensive objects or fame, will be in vain, as you only care about what is hidden on the inside.

Therefore, it is impossible to deceive or cheat the scorpio man, as he will possess a kind of sick sense that warns him against the bad intentions of those around him.

He will notice it instantly and not allow the person to be part of his life again.

However, this is not always positive, as he often ends up, distrusting others or mistaking a good deed for something worse.

Sometimes he may hear people criticizing or conspiring against him when nothing could be further from the truth, even if he is not going to confront him directly about this, he will be coldly calculating every word and every move waiting for someone to make a mistake and then silently condemning him.

The scorpio energy is very powerful for the human psyche and if the person does not channel it properly, he may tend to see the glass as constantly half empty or experience strife in all its relationships and circumstances.

If the person identifies with the dark side of the human condition, he will be drawn into situations linked to death, suffering and omnipotence, which can be potentially self-destructive now if he manages to get out of this state, he can be aware of his greatest talents, such as the ability to accompany the transforming power of pain or knowing how to sustain intense situations until their healing conditions arise.

The scorpio man is the classic resilient man who can go through numerous crises, one stronger than the others and rise from the ashes with more power than before.

Just like a phoenix, whatever doesn't kill.

Him makes him stronger as well as more humble and compassionate in the face of human suffering.

So if someone thinks he can hurt the scorpio man's feelings easily they're in for a surprise.

Now, if you get on his nerves, he will hit you where it hurts the most without any kind of effort.

He knows other people's achilles heel and if he feels betrayed or attracted, he will not hesitate to resort to this talent.

Now when it comes to work, the scorpio man does not get distracted by socializing or having fun with his colleagues.

He appreciates power and money, so he will do his best to get in the shortest amount of possible time.

However, this can be counterproductive, as he focuses all his intensity on achieving ambitious goals.

Whatever his target, he devotes everything to achieve it, and for that purpose he has to cut back on other domains of his life, such as recreation, family, life, sleep, leisure and friendships.

Most often, he sacrifices his emotional and sensitive side, while sustaining a lot of tension.

Scorpios need one challenge after another and cannot and will not relax since they mistake relaxation for weakness or death.

Therefore, it is important to remind him to set limits to his veracity for power, as he may end up getting sick or be left alone.

At the end of the day, the fantasy of omnipotence is unattainable.

He will only end up wanting more and more and not being able to enjoy his current success.

However, if the scorpio man is aware of his power and learns to manage it, maturely his career will be sustained, while his relationships will be rewarding if he uses his power to help others and not to mistrust them and he'll, become a great healer and surround himself with loyal people who will accompany him for the rest of his life.

Also, as he learns to communicate his feelings, he will manage to help others by commenting on his difficult experiences and advising on how to overcome them.

Therefore, having a scorpio man around is like finding a valuable treasure in the middle of a deserted island, while others are seem to focus on superficial issues.

The scorpio man manages to stir your soul and make you appreciate life from a deeper perspective.

So do you have any scorpio acquaintances who meet this characteristics? Let us know now in the comments below and don't forget to like, share and subscribe for more weekly videos like this one.


What are Scorpio men attracted to? ›

Mysterious and Intriguing

A Scorpio man is intrigued anything mysterious. This is especially true when he's attracted to someone new who he finds exciting. He's interested in the mysteries of the world and will spend hours discussing different theories with you for hours.

What is most important to a Scorpio man? ›

They need a deep, emotional, and magnetic connection to fall in love. Once they've found this connection, they tend to be loyal, faithful, protective, and possessive of the one they love. Before you give your heart and soul to a Scorpio man or make promises you can't keep, make sure you're serious about him.

How do you express your feelings to a Scorpio man? ›

Be your genuine self around him.

Be honest with your Scorpio man, and he'll return that honesty with you. Try not to mask your emotions around a Scorpio, especially about important topics. He'll want to know what you really think about everything—not what you think he wants to hear.

What Scorpio man likes in a woman? ›

Scorpio men love a woman who is in tune with herself. They easily fall for someone who knows to stand for themselves and their beliefs. If you fantasize about a Scorpio man and want to make him fall for you, the following tips might help you.

How to impress Scorpio guys? ›

Be overtly flirtatious and tease him.

Scorpios are passionate and sexually charged people so they love overt flirting. Being playful and funny with him will really get his attention, and may interest him enough to pursue you. Make sure to flirt with confidence and don't give into all of a his demands.

How do you win a Scorpio man's heart? ›

It's best to stay on the outer edges with questions about his interests, such as movies, travel, and food. He may be "reading" you on an intuitive level, sussing out who you are. You'll win points up front if you telegraph that you respect his privacy.

What do Scorpios need most? ›

Scorpios like to be in control. Their fierceness and intensity means that they think they know what's best, and the people in their lives will often find themselves under the Scorpio's thumb. Scorpios also hate being controlled by others, and need control over all situations.

What is a Scorpios love language? ›

Love language: Quality time, physical touch

Scorpios are keenly aware that time is the only non renewable resource in and on our inevitable march towards death. Thus, sharing time together mindfully and with minimal clothing and no interruption really speaks to the cave wall of their heart.

Who are Scorpios attracted to? ›

A Scorpio tends to romantically align with five zodiac signs that they can commit to for a lifetime. According to the astrologer, the top five zodiac signs compatible with a Scorpio are Cancer, Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo, and Pisces.

How does a Scorpio want to be loved? ›

02/6​As a lover

There needs there to be a deep, emotional, and magnetic connection for them to fall in love. Once you have caught their attention, they will do everything to make you theirs. Once they get there, Scorpios tend to stay in love and in partnership connections for a long time.

What makes Scorpio man happy? ›

They appreciate being listened to and putting in the hard work to learn new things on a variety of topics. Asking your Scorpio partner what makes them happy will let them know that you care. Scorpios value a partner who is a good listener and can help keep a conversation on a deeper level.

How do Scorpios react when they like someone? ›

Scorpios are known to be romantic, passionate, and intense. It is no different when it comes to their crush; all they do is dream about their intimate vacation somewhere far. Scorpios will initiate the conversation but will wait for the first move.

What Scorpio likes and dislikes? ›

Scorpio Likes and Dislikes

Being secretive, they don't like to reveal their hearts' contents but dislikes fake personalities and people who would keep hurtful secrets from them. Their happiness is hidden in their ability to feel powerful.

What will a Scorpio man do if he likes you? ›

When a Scorpio man likes you, a sure sign is that he will make every effort that he can to see you, even maybe choosing to see you instead of his male friends. He might even go out of his way to find time for the two of you because he wants to know you better and spend time with you.

Do Scorpio man fall in love easily? ›

It takes a Scorpio a long time to fall in love because they normally fall for people only after building enough trust. However, they have an air of mystery around them and dating a Scorpio might feel like an adventure and they would give the impression that they are in love but in reality it's quite the opposite.

How do you know a Scorpio man likes you? ›

No matter what you are doing, if a Scorpio man is in love with you, he will pay attention to you every time you want to talk to him or are doing something. You never have to worry about him straying away from you or having wandering eyes. He will maintain eye contact whenever you are talking.

How do you melt a Scorpio heart? ›

Be honest at all times and don't play with their emotions if you want to win their heart. Scorpios have a desire to feel in control that won't tolerate emotional games. You may chase them away if they feel the situation is out of their control.

How to attract a Scorpio man by text? ›

How to Flirt with a Scorpio Man over Text (with Examples)
  1. Maintain an air of mystery.
  2. Compliment him.
  3. Ask him personal questions.
  4. Talk to him intelligently.
  5. Make him laugh.
  6. Share a secret with him.
  7. Excite him with innuendos.
  8. Send him a sexy photo.

How do you make a Scorpio man miss you like crazy? ›

How to Make a Scorpio Man Miss You
  1. Wait before texting him back.
  2. Limit what you post on social media.
  3. Try out a new look.
  4. Remind him of the good times you've had.
  5. Get intimate with him.
  6. Have deep conversations with him.
  7. Check in with him about his emotions.
  8. Apologize if you're in the wrong.

What is a Scorpios biggest weakness? ›

Weaknesses: On the downside, Scorpions can be very manipulative and may twist facts to suit their purpose. Being jealous and possessive are some of your most negative traits.

What are Scorpios desires? ›

Scorpios are emotional lovers and fiery ones in bed. It's hard to match their energy because they are very sexually active and zealous. They also have deep sexual desires and fantasies. Numerologist Sidhharrth S Kumaar tells us that “Scorpios are a passionate sign and this reflects in their sexual life as well.

Who do Scorpios usually marry? ›

What signs are compatible with a Scorpio? Water signs like Cancer and Pisces and Earth signs like Taurus and Capricorn are the most compatible with a Scorpio.

Are Scorpios quiet in bed? ›

From soft gasps to passionate shrieks, a Scorpio in bed can be as unpredictable as it can be loud and if that means moaning or making you moan constantly for hours, they will make it happen.

How do Scorpio make love? ›

As per the Scorpio sexuality astrology, Scorpio someone might not want insane intercourse, nevertheless they make sure obtained enthusiastic sex. They proper care more and more pleasing their own partner than pleasing themselves, that helps to really make the gender even more satisfying for lover.

How do Scorpios connect? ›

Two Scorpios together will create a bond that's, in a word, passionate — for better or worse. Both are wired to let their partner in emotionally and get attached in an otherworldly, incredibly intense way, which can make for an unbreakable commitment.

What do Scorpios fantasize about? ›

Scorpio: experimenting with control

These intense and emotional creatures are known to have a strong sexual nature, so they will love most fantasies, especially those where they are in control and have power.

Who do Scorpios not like? ›

Who do Scorpios not get along with? In general, air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) and fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) make an incompatible match for Scorpio.

How will Scorpio meet their soulmate? ›

Scorpio meets their soulmate between 12 and 17.

Still, finding your soulmate so young means that you'll be able to connect those dots and enter into a relationship after reaching adulthood. Your soulmate is probably a childhood friend, someone you're figuring out your true feelings for now that you're older.

How do Scorpios hide their feelings? ›


Not only do they not trust anyone but they won't let anyone else figure out their thoughts easily. They will keep their feelings hidden until someone very special walks into their lives, making them believe in love, trust and understanding.

What Scorpio fears most? ›

Scorpio: Fear of abandonment

This fiercely protective sign may have erected a fence around their heart but once they let someone in, they are in for life. The notion of not having this loyalty and dedication reciprocated is what makes them wary of developing intense emotional bonds.

What are Scorpios biggest fears? ›

Scorpio. Since Scorpios are known to give their all to others, they can't handle when the sentiment isn't being reciprocated. Being ghosted, benched, or put on ice without a reason or care for their feelings scares Scorpio. Even though they often leave people on read, they can't deal when it's done to them.

What does Scorpio man like in bed? ›

Because lovemaking is so important to a Scorpio, dirty talk is not only an excellent way to quickly get his pulse racing and hot for you, but it also helps to deepen your intimacy and connection with him. Scorpio brings passion to everything they do, and blindfolds and toys in the bedroom are a given for this sign.

Does a Scorpio man want you to chase him? ›

Absolutely! Scorpio men, like most people, love being admired and desired. This man truly enjoys being pursued by his potential mate. The excitement of the chase won't be as strong as you'd find with Aries, the natural-born warrior and hunter, but Scorpio's passionate nature will become excited over the pursuit.

What part of Scorpio man is sensitive? ›

Scorpio. A Scorpio is straightforward, passionate, and prefers genital stimulation over all else. This means that their genitals are very sensitive (more so than other signs) and they can get hot and bothered with the lightest of touches. Perhaps try some teasing with kisses, strokes, and finger play around this area.

What makes a Scorpio man chase? ›

Scorpio men need a lot of space for themselves.

If you give him the room to flourish and aren't breathing down his neck all the time, he's going to become obsessed with you and your laid back nature. Plus, this gives him more time to chase you instead of feeling like you're smothering him.

How can you tell if a Scorpio likes you? ›

When a Scorpio man likes you, a sure sign is that he will make every effort that he can to see you, even maybe choosing to see you instead of his male friends. He might even go out of his way to find time for the two of you because he wants to know you better and spend time with you.

How to make a Scorpio man crazy about you? ›

Check out these 10 ways in which you can make a Scorpio man obsessed with you.
  1. Show Devotion Towards Your Relationship. ...
  2. Don't Be Pretentious. ...
  3. Be Appealing. ...
  4. Never Lose Out On Confidence. ...
  5. Exhibit Your Intelligence. ...
  6. Praise Him. ...
  7. Emphasize The Power In you. ...
  8. Be A Challenge.
Jan 5, 2023

How can I tell if a Scorpio man likes me? ›

How to Know if a Scorpio Man Likes You
  • 1 He seems to be wherever you are.
  • 2 He keeps his eyes locked on you.
  • 3 He approaches you and starts a conversation.
  • 4 He asks you a lot of questions.
  • 5 He engages in some extreme flirting.
  • 6 He asks you to go out with him.
  • 7 He invites you to watch a scary movie with him.

Does Scorpio man have feelings for me? ›

He reveals personal details about himself.

If your guy shares a secret with you or tells you about his goals, dreams, or feelings, this is a major sign that he has feelings for you. Scorpios simply won't do this with anyone unless they trust them and feel safe enough to be vulnerable.

How do Scorpios handle love? ›

They're Extremely Protective, Loyal, and Faithful Lovers

Scorpios are extremely dependable, protective, loyal, and faithful, and even more so if they receive the same from their partner.

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