Ninja Kidz Movie | Season 1 Remastered (2023)


The Ninja Kidz discover they have powers after finding the Power Ranger power-coins. This is a kids parody movie based on Power Rangers.

Ashton Myler - Red Ranger
Payton Myler - Pink Ranger
Alo Ramirez - Blue Ranger
Andreik Tapia - Black Ranger
Asia George - Yellow Ranger
Ethan Fineshriber - Green Ranger
Bryton Myler - Bulk
Danny Reyes - Skull
Karla Hernandez - Rita
Robbert Bennet - Doom

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NINJA KIDZ TV is an Awesome family friendly channel for all ages. We make Awesome Action skits, have Adventures, do Challenges, and teach cool Skilz with fun tutorials. Our videos share valuable character-building messages and powerful life skilz. No matter your age, you too can be a Ninja Kid! Ninja Kidz Got Skilz!

We are skilled martial artists, gymnasts, and parkour athletes. We are properly trained to safely perform all the skills and stunts in our videos. We use safety equipment and planning to ensure our safety. All skills and stunts are coordinated by and performed under the direction of adult professionals. Do not attempt these skills or stunts without proper training and the supervision of a responsible adult. Ninja Kidz TV is not responsible for the actions of viewers who attempt what they see on a video.

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Smart, not little dork who's, the master sit.

What's that speak up, dork hit like a weak little pansy girl, fancy I mean that's, not funny dork.

Well, no, it don't hit me.

Why not yeah! Why not I don't want you to break your hand on my rocks all that abs, okay, okay, you're, the master yeah! That's what I thought master of the week little pansy village, I'm, gonna pummel! You there's nowhere for you to run yeah nor to run I'm, not much of a runner anyway, but I'm, a pretty good climber! Well get down from there.

You think I'm afraid to climb up there.

Sorry, but I, don't speak! Pansy girl school go out there and get him Oh bulk I suffer from acrophobia.

Don't make stuff up right now, I'm, not it's a real condition.

It runs in my family.

Is it contagious? It might be why sorry bulk my mom's making pizza for dinner, you want to come over yeah.

Let's go catch, you later, Zach, hey guys, you just missed.

Seeing me teach Punk a lesson both get this.

You that's messed up too bad I.

Wasn't here show some of my new karate moves.

Oh yeah ha ha yeah, it's no biggie! You should have seen what I did that him.

You know Zach.

It doesn't seem logical to encourage folks, aggressive, behavior I can't help.

He makes it so easy sure easy.

Oh, you got to see what we found well well, Billy found: where do you find it any that's a story for another day whoa? Maybe they look really old and this one has a t-rex on perhaps a back to ancient Mesopotamia I wanted to perform x-ray, fluorescence and LED isotope analysis to determine the approximate date and location of their origination, whatever dude, let's just play with them, Jason.

What's your knowing little sister doing here, this is the part she's a kid, the two kind of go together hey this is my friend trainee, hi nice to meet you Trini.

This is Billie and Zack.

All right.

It's nice to meet! You did Zach, get hurt! No it's a fashion statement.

So can you play yeah go play at your house? What's up just trying to say? Is we don't want you to little girls, get hurt playing with us, big boys, little I'm, not 8 years old and I know how to do a cartwheel me too, and yesterday my mom.

Let me stay up till 8:45.

Oh my! Oh, my someone called the bedtime police come on guys, chill Kim's, pretty cool and any friend of hers is a friend of mine, yeah, fine, whatever awesome thanks shaking the whole world, and thanks to you too, that so, let's inbox, they appear to be a form of currency used by an ancient civilization cool.

This one has a kitty cat on it.

That is actually a saber-toothed cats often called a saber-toothed tiger.

It's so cute can I buy anything with this new clothes.

Oh no, you can't buy anything how about I hold on to it for safekeeping? Oh, you guys see that very curious.

Indeed, do you guys feel strange I do Jason I, don't feel so good? Can we go home? Yeah, let's go hey Zach tries to add a bulk sway, yeah sure I think he's already learned not to mess with me.

Anyway, nice girls, girls, Thanks.

It seems I'm, not the only one who feels different.

Have you seen Zack? Oh no good thing.

Your face.

Heals fast I like to work with fresh, can, what's a funny dork face I, think it's broken I warned you would bring up and I wasn't gonna hurt him that bad, even though I should've, that's no different appears.

Our contact with these points has altered our molecular structure.

We've got to find out where these things came from Billy anything more.

You can tell us who's that I, don't know it's like I just knew how I don't think that thing is even human.

Should she be made out of some kind of putty stand back it's time to test the skin yeah.

Are you okay, yeah, I'm? Okay, that thing hits a lot harder than walk.

It got me a scar.

It won't happen again.

There should be some form of teleportation technology like this as generations.

Away who can't claim did I see what I did that was incredible.

Whatever it was who's after these coins, we must protect him at all costs.

I suspected there will be bored.

Those guys are now what we fight.

Ah I was hoping you would say that you look Wow yeah Zordon, the powerpoints have been located.

They were discovered by five humans who have just defeated a few mother eaters Cuddy's alpha 5.

The earth is in great peril transport.

The teenagers here right away, just one little thing: they're, not teenagers.

Oh nice, one nice are covered Billy thanks.

This a train is really paying off.

Oh yeah.

What's that who's hiding over there, these guys again, they don't give up.

Let's end this, it's morphin time, Tyrannosaurus Oh, and are you and your friends thirsty? No thanks! Well we're good.

Okay, remember to get your chores before dinner.

Yes, ma'am think that was awesome, who's alright, but why can't we morph Jason, you know only the real Power Rangers can morph suit.

Only walkabout I was fighting these Quinta.

My mistake, he has me I, know I'm the Red Ranger I wish that were true, but Horace said we had to give back the power points and the more furs as soon as he an alpha fine teenagers to replace us teenagers.

Let's keep training worthless.

Put that good minions are so hard to come by these days, doom good you're.

Finally, here I came as soon as you summoned my queen.

Is it true that the Power Rangers have returned the Power Rangers? You mean the baby Rangers.

These children have the power coins, but there are no Power Rangers.

You summoned me here to fight children, do not question.

They may be fakers, but they have already defeated dozens of my putties.

No matter I will create a new, stronger batch of patties to aid you in obtaining the power.

Yes, my queen, but I do not need help from the goomar Patrol.

Ok, give me your hand.

This is just going to hurt a little bit.

What hold still don't be such a baby.

It will be perfect.

My new, stronger putties will capture the children and bring them to you.

You must defeat them before.

Zordon can locate and teleport them away.

Let's get this over with I plan to destroy pedicure morning.

Do not underestimate them.

I would destroy them myself, but I have more pressing matters to attend.

Yes, my pet him that was incredible: I've, never seen a gymnast progress so quickly.

At this rate, you'll move up another level by the end of the month, whatever you're doing keep it up.

Okay, that was amazing.

Thanks trainees I mean it a little too maze.

It will shorten rusyns.

What it's not like were real power injures anyway, we're just kids.

Besides I've been looking really hard power or not I'm a gymnast, and when Zordon takes these coins away, that's not gonna change.

Okay, we better go meet the guys.

Oh that's right.

My brother Vic fest with this whole Morphin thing: that's gonna be there.

What are we waiting for school check out the new key, hey, dork, hey dork, guys, I, believe you have me confused with someone else: nope you're, the only dork I see different dork whoa dude impressive moves, I haven't seen.

Boogers go so scared, since last time they picked on me thanks.

I'm used to it.

Bullies always seem to be drawn to the new kid in town, I'm, Zack, I'm, Tommy, Tommy, Oliver, welcome to Andrew Grove Tommy thanks man, it's not always easy.

Making new friends see you around town, Tommy, see ya block Saugatuck.

Is that your new code name, it's so adorable? Okay, you know you're not supposed to play on the communicator, a Fisher, Power, Ranger business.

Only I'm, just calling to remind you about my training today see you soon, black Zack attack, Wow Kim.

You really know how to get under Zach's skin I can't help it.

It's just don't funny when his face is all red and scrunchie Kim stop playing on the communicator Zack a Jason.

We got attacked by buddies.

Are you guys all right, yeah we handled it, but I need you to be on time for training today.

I think love a better chance, two more for all together, fine, whatever still your annoying little sister to keep her distance cut her some slack bro.

How can we beat the bad guys if we're fighting each other, whatever I'm on my way? Let's take a break inside well practice morphing on the rest of the team arrives.

Sure, glass, stupid, I can't believe she summoned me here to babysit these brats I'm gonna miss my horror.

Waxing appointment face it so we're on our communicators are flying through it on pet, save it now baby Rangers prepare to meet your doom.

Hey guys, look it's the shredder! What no I'm, not the shredder or the nothing like the shredder! Does he have these beautiful horns? No I do prepare to meet your doom because your name is dude you're such a clever, moans huh.

What dig yes I was top of my class monster University.

No, there is no sweater.

This is a ninja turtles.

You idiots just hand me over those power coins before I end your existence.

It's not gonna happen space cap with a power more like the power fakers.

You can't even more.

They don't make power suits in baby's eyes your pathetic waste of our time.


Good! This! These guys are no joke.

Physical prowess has been greatly enhanced.

What do we do now? I'm scared get up Rangers.

Let's end this Jason Ali just too powerful.

It's time to end the baby.

Rangers come on guys, dig deep.

We can do this, Jason I believe in you, I believe in us me too.

Let's do this.

Okay, then.

Let's do this.

Every time Sarah talks look at their little pores, no matter.

It's still a bunch of babies prepare to meet your doom.

How is this or a punch? Sweaty space cow, you're, finished fools.

I was barely even trying cower before the infinite power of do yeah your pathetic waste of my time.

You are no match for me.

Hey no, giving secrets, give love do good, guys, always win.

My queen I think my babysitting shift is over Rita help.

They morphed.

That's your problem.

My power is precious, don't wait! Queen! Please hurry! Don't interrupt me again.

I have a new asset to acquire I rotated, ninja tips.

They completed the metamorphosis.

Wilberth Oh reduce you that he goes Power Rangers, that's great Jason or about to become the pancake Rangers.

Your swords are powered up and in route to your location.

We get Zords awesome, excellent work.

Your training is almost complete, Thank You, Empress Rita.

You will succeed or do failed.

Those brats Rangers are no match for the Green Ranger.

My ultimate weapon I'll destroy sword on his evil.

Power Rangers, yes, destroy those people or become the pancake Rangers rowdy relocation, hillock Power Rangers, we can sort do you thought I was going to win and he always did before we were together.

You call that a the power of doom time's over baby now I'm gonna cut you into little baby, No you're, just a bunch of one more thing: we need a new victory, dance No I am your father, Halloween costumes, yeah Halloween's next week and tomorrow's already Saturday.

What's wrong, Jason I totally forgot I'm supposed to be competing in a karate tournament.

Tomorrow, no worries bro your shirt thanks Kim, but there's this new kid in town and he's really good.

He's like this Harshaw karate champion from the East Coast, who Tommy Oliver, yeah I, think that's his name.

How do you know him dude that kid's got major skills? Bocas go try to bully him at the park.

I think they ought to run home and change their underwear.

Don't worry we'll be in your corner.

Jason thanks, guys, you're the best, hey, guys, I'm glad you could make it.

They turn to populism.

Yeah I.

Think so is that you were right about that.

Tommy said he's really good.

You could take him Jason thanks Billy, but I need to need all the help.

I can get we're a book is school doing here, it's wings ready to see a real master at work.

Yeah a real master, you're competing I know you study, karate, I, study, no stupid karate I study, a married okay under master Ken yeah Mary Jo chase is the best Amero.

What day never heard of it.

Yeah Master Chen from us to the dojo he's hilarious and he has this comedy funny.

Do it so no sir Ken's, no joke he can do 200 strikes in one second and is stop and restart to the groin, is devastating yeah devastating and not to mention his unstoppable hurricane I.

Don't know what a hurricane is, but a stop resolve to the groin is not a stop to the Grammys it allowed.

This is ridiculous.

Master Kim was right about the stupid karate tournament.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 24th annual Angel Grove Karate Championships.

Let's begin, it is time for the main event.

Two points: that's time match ends floor to floor and meant as a draw hey Tommy.

We have a group getting together on Tuesday for trick-or-treating gonna come yeah yeah that sounds cool I'll, be there cool man see you there thanks guys, but I didn't win in karate attitude and sportsmanship are more important than winning.

That's true.

You did really good hey girls, nice questions.

Oh thanks, Billy! You too! What are you Zack? What are you wearing I'm, a Power Ranger? You can't wear a powering.

Your shoe on Halloween see I'm, not the only one Zack you can't wear a highly advanced testicle suit of immense power out on the streets, which should be treating fine I thought you might do this I can't prepare here.

Try this on whoa.

No, it's bad, hey, I'm, a pirate, but I'm a pirate.

Hey guys, awesome costumes! We match great and you would see Tommy hey guys.

Oh so apparently I missed the memo about coming as a pirate, such adorable little children.

You better enjoy your candy.

While you can happy Halloween, yeah I thought so now.

New woman really creeps me out: hey, don't say that just really nice do you know her Tommy, no I, just think that we should be more respectful to our elders, you're right, Tommy, hey guys, we're almost to my house cool.

Ladies: let's go how every day what kind or you will be not that bad we're the best it's on, tell you otherwise, no I mean I was just saying this is my kind of Oh dude check it out.

You got a present for you, Tommy I! Need you right now guys I gotta go they throwing it out really cute I got a bucket.

Why sell it one bucket when you can feel to love Tommy left is under some kind of mind: control, don't they're too much there Justine! It's not that I'm worried about I'll get school, I'll get Captain America all guitars, Feder I got that man.

I, guess I got this here, we're hardly they're starting to come out of the trance.

Our schools will explain this.

One I don't know: let's go all right if some sort of mind control, like the other kids I, don't know.

If there's something different about this one Jason.

What do you do now? We fight? Ah hoping you would say that whoa yeah I, think this qualifies it's time now.

I get I, don't know what your problem is.

Man we didn't do anything to you yeah, who are you anyway? I thought it was obvious.

I'm the Green Ranger wait a sec, there's a Green, Ranger sort of never mentioned you.

Oh yes, Zordon the interdimensional team once I defeat you I'll, destroy Zordon and save the earth, save youth from who, where the one saving the earth you lie, then we're talking we fight.

Now by my calculations.

Your odds of success is less than 5%.

We'll see about that.

You messed with the wrong team.

We're discovering Oh I, you guys are better than I thought, you'd, be it's your evil and I will destroy you I, don't know who told you that, but we're not the bad guys after Serena told me, you'd say that I've heard of Rita she's that you a way to sort on too loose around one she's, not evil.

Eggscellent Tommy, now finish him.

Let go! Then you beat me me got your back juice! Oh, you can't beat us all swear team, Rico he's gone, I thought we were the only Ranger great I'm evil reasons.

Do you think, there's more? How many more could there be the dirty green? Maybe purple orange lavender Moses fullness? That's not even a color is -.

What's wrong, Jason, you, okay, four, amber brown, magenta turquoise! Why there's something familiar about him? I feel like I fought him before I, don't think, we've seen the last of the Green Ranger that was so I should have never given the green power coin to a child.

Do you even comprehend the consequences of your failure? I almost had the members Rita.

Why did you stop me? I stopped you because you failed, you were weak, you are not ready, no I'm ready I am you had the chance to deliver a finishing blow on the Red Ranger? And what did you do you blew it? You hesitated, why did you hesitate? Maybe we can capture them and teach them teach them the truth.

You know, like you taught me, that is impossible Tommy, because they are evil and evil must be destroyed.

Do you understand that they just don't really seem evil? They're really, nice to me, I want to save the earth from the clutches of Zordon.

In these kids they seem nice, but they are under the influence of a demon from another dimension and you Tommy.

You want to save the earth, don't you Tommy, yes, and for Cerreta I'll do whatever it takes to save the earth.

Yes, now you are ready, take this dragon dagger.

Take it take it and your training will be complete.

Perfect I'm, not much of a climber but I'm.

A pretty good I, see everything in everyone, but then your face heals fast I.

Look I like to work with a new camera.

Fresh canvas, good thing, your face, heals fast I, look I'd like to work with them.

Okay, good thing: your face, heals fast, I like to work with a new structure.

This is the next thing.

Oh she's going get him she's going to get him and he's stopped and restarted.

The boy is destroy any did take this dragon.

What is it called dragon? Dagger, drug dragon? Dagger? Sorry, you.


How old is the oldest kid in Ninja Kidz? ›

Ninja Kidz

Happy 15th birthday to our oldest ninja kid Bryton Myler !

What is the number of Ninja kids? ›


What does Shane Myler do for a living? ›

Shane Myler is an American Stunt artist, Writer, Director and actor. He is also the Father from Ninja Kids TV.

Who are Kaysons real parents? ›

Kayson Mylers' biological parents are unknown. Kayson is an abandoned child who was found in a cardboard box in a rural part of Nepal in early 2020. He is estimated to be between six and nine months old at the time of his rescue.

What is the Ninja kids full name? ›

Ashton Myler (Jason), Payton Myler (Kim) and Bryton Myler (Bulk) are siblings in real life.

Why is ninja rated R? ›

Parents Need to Know

Violence breaks out roughly every 10 minutes, from regular duke-it-out escapades to high-tech rocket launchers and machine gun fire. There's a fair amount of cursing as well; although it doesn't occur regularly, it helped to earn the movie's "R" rating.

Are all the Ninja Kidz siblings? ›

WHO ARE THE NINJA KIDZ? Bryton, Ashton, Paxton, and Payton are siblings who were raised in a martial arts studio. They are all black belts in a multi discipline system of martial arts from all over the world. They are all competitive gymnasts.

Where did Bryton Myler move to? ›

Bryton Myler on Instagram: “Pretty cool family adventure before moving to Australia!

Is Paxton younger than Payton? ›

Mini Bio. Payton Myler is an American Child martial artist, Gymnast and Actress. She is part of Ninja Kids TV and starrs as Kim in their Power Rangers series (2017+). She has 2 older Brothers called Bryton and Ashton and a twin Brother called Paxton.

Are the Ninja Kidz homeschooled? ›

Learning From Home Redefined

We have home school programs at all Ninja Nation locations, giving kids an opportunity to play, train and compete as part of their home school curriculum. These classes are led by our coaches and packed full of energy, engagement, and encouragement.

What is Ninja Kid 11 called? ›

Nelson and Kenny are back for the eleventh book in the bestselling Ninja Kid series by Anh Do, in a heroic new adventure – Ninja Artists!

What is Ninja Kid 9 called? ›

Paperback. $6. 99. This item: Ninja Fish (Ninja Kid 9) (Ninja Kid)

What is Ninja Kid 10 called? ›

(Ninja Kid #10) By Anh Do, Anton Emdinpaperback1 August 2022. $15.99.

Where does Bryton Myler live now? ›

He currently resides in Draper, Utah, USA.

What is Payton Myler last name? ›

Payton Delu Myler | Ninja Kids TV Wiki | Fandom.

What country does the Ninja kids live in? ›

Ninja Kids!!!

(忍たま乱太郎, Nintama Rantarô) is a 2011 Japanese family-oriented comedy film directed by Takashi Miike. The film is live-action adaptation of the Japanese anime series Nintama Rantarō. The film stars Seishiro Kato as Rantaro who is sent to a ninja training school by his parents.

How old is Paxton Ninja Kidz? ›

14 years old & I love biking!

Who is the blue ninja kid? ›

Hanzo. The blue-clad member of The Ninja Kids.

What is ninja moms name? ›

Despite looking after three boys as a stay-at-home mom, Cynthia Blevins worked a full-time remote job and earned a master's degree at the same time.

What age is Ninja game for? ›

The Ultimate Ninja Game can be played by anyone aged 8 and up, although younger children should play under adult supervision to avoid getting hurt.

What age is 3 Ninjas appropriate for? ›

Is Ninja a class? ›

Ninja is a Hybrid Class of Monk and Rogue, usually a guerrilla peasant taking on the nobility but they can be found among all ranks and types of warriors.

Why did fun squad move to Hawaii? ›

And when they're not filming, the family likes to spend time together. On a typical day, they go on hikes or play at the beach. They moved to Hawaii last year to be in a place that allows them to get a lot of exercise and movement, as well as the opportunity to explore new places.

How old is Payton in Ninja Kids? ›

14 years old & I love Dolphins🐬 💁‍♀️

Is Bryton Myler a black belt? ›

👉🏼 4th Degree Blackbelt.

What movies has Bryton Myler been in? ›

Does Paxton have a sister? ›

Rebecca Hall is Paxton's adopted sister, of whom he is protective of. She is portrayed by Lily D. Moore.

How old is Paxton supposed to be? ›

At the time, Paxton is supposed to be a high school junior, so 16 or 17 years old. He is played by Darren Barnet, who was, of course, 29 when Season 1 aired.

What level Gymnast is Payton Myler? ›

Payton Myleris a level 8 gymnast competing for All American Utah..

What mountain did Ninja Kidz climb? ›

Mount Timpanogos
Mount Timpanogos Location in Utah
LocationUtah County, Utah, U.S.
Parent rangeWasatch Range
Topo mapUSGS Timpanogos
7 more rows

What age is wolf girl for? ›

The first five adventures of the smash-hit Wolf Girl series, in one beautiful box set. For ages 8-14 - middle fiction. Themes: adventure, fantasy, friendship, courage, identity, empowering girls, survival, dogs, communicating with animals.

What is Wolf Girl 9 called? ›

Sink or Swim, Wolf Girl : Book 9 by Anh Do | 9781761068911 | Booktopia.

When was Ninja Kid 1 published? ›

Why is ninja called ninja? ›

Ninjas may seem mysterious, but the origin of their name is not. The word ninja derives from the Japanese characters nin and ja.

What is Ninja kids class? ›

Classes suitable for children aged 4.5 years – 6.5 years old. For those children with boundless energy, ninja knights classes are a combination of free running and parkour as well as key gymnastics elements.

What is Ashton from Ninja Kidz real name? ›

Ashton Myler is an martial artist, Gymnast and actor. He is known for his work in Ninja Kids TV productions with his Family and Friends including Starring as Jason in their Power Rangers series (2017+).

Who is Jason on Ninja Kids? ›

"Ninja Kid's Power Rangers" POWER RANGERS NINJA KIDZ! Rise of The GREEN RANGER (TV Episode 2017) - Ashton Myler as Jason - IMDb.

What is the girl's name from Ninja Kidz? ›

Payton Delu Myler | Ninja Kids TV Wiki | Fandom.

Are Paxton and Payton twins? ›

Mini Bio. Payton Myler is an American Child martial artist, Gymnast and Actress. She is part of Ninja Kids TV and starrs as Kim in their Power Rangers series (2017+). She has 2 older Brothers called Bryton and Ashton and a twin Brother called Paxton.

What is the Ninja Kidz last name? ›

Ashton Myler (Jason), Payton Myler (Kim) and Bryton Myler (Bulk) are siblings in real life. Their Dad Shane Myler works on all the episodes too as the Director, Writer and Zordon.

Who is Bryton Myler parents? ›

Bryton Myler's parents are Shane Myler and Allie Myler. He was raised alongside his three siblings namely Payton, Ashton and Paxton.

What nationality is Ninja Kidz? ›

Ninja Kids!!!

(忍たま乱太郎, Nintama Rantarô) is a 2011 Japanese family-oriented comedy film directed by Takashi Miike. The film is live-action adaptation of the Japanese anime series Nintama Rantarō. The film stars Seishiro Kato as Rantaro who is sent to a ninja training school by his parents.

Who is the villain in Ninja kids? ›

The Satan, or Satan, is the final boss, as well as the main antagonist, in the arcade game The Ninja Kids.

Who is the main character in ninja Kid? ›

Nelson Kane wakes up on his tenth birthday to discover that he has developed ninja powers. He is no longer an accident-prone nerd, butt of the school bully's jokes, but instead is nimble and strong, with lightning-fast reactions.

Are Ninja kids homeschooled? ›

We have home school programs at all Ninja Nation locations, giving kids an opportunity to play, train and compete as part of their home school curriculum. These classes are led by our coaches and packed full of energy, engagement, and encouragement.

How old are the ninja Turtles? ›

Raphael is 15 years old, and is the first incarnation to be older than Leonardo. Leonardo and Donatello are both 14 years old. Michelangelo is 13 years old.

How old is paxton from Ninja Kidz 2023? ›

14 years old & I love biking! @payton_delu twin. Ninja on @ninjakidztv Parent Run Account.

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