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This is the primary advantage of a monitored system in the first place. The one drawback to Vivint is the five year contract, but as long as you’re happy with the service, that shouldn’t be an issue. The monthly monitoring charge is just under $55 and includes one camera. If you want a professionally installed system with lots of options, Vivint is the system you want. We spotlight ADT for its low setup fee and lifetime warranty. With this stem to stern approach to ensuring the value of its service, ADT gives customers plenty of reason to sign up and a continuing reason to stick with the service. It also offers unlimited cloud storage. This could come in handy if your valuables go missing, but you don’t notice it until months or even a year later. With unlimited cloud storage, you may be able to find stored video of the theft. ADT Pulse has both indoor and outdoor cameras. The outdoor cameras will cost a little extra.

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