B-Careful! – When something sounds too good to be true it probably is.

Everyone wants a stronger educational system. But don’t get fooled again by the same old implications and inferences that this new tax will guarantee an increase of overall funds for education – because this guarantee cannot be made.

When the proponents of Prop. B-Careful! try to infer that this tax increase will only affect independent cigarette manufacturers and will result in a guaranteed increase to the state’s education budget – it’s a shell game that been played before – and guess who’s being played?

Missourians have already fallen victim to this “tax-to-spend shell game” more than once. Recent history is full of broken promises of sizeable amounts of additional funding which was to be designated for specific areas of the state budget from new taxes, that went unfulfilled.

Example #1: The MSA. The Master Settle Agreement between Big Tobacco and the state of Missouri

Example #2: The Missouri Casino Tax Initiatives

Next in this parade of tax increases is Proposition B-Careful!

The REAL TRUTH: There is nothing in Proposition B that would or could prohibit the legislature from taking all (or even more) of the money out the “back door” of the education budget, that Prop. B would bring in through the “front door”.

Proposition B-Careful: Is there a “Guarantee” of a “Guaranteed” Increase to the Missouri Education Budget?

Supporters of Proposition B claim it will provide a guaranteed increase of additional funding for Missouri health and education initiatives. A closer look at the language of Proposition B appears to confirm that an increase of additional funding is not guaranteed at all.

StatesOnTheTake.com, a state-government grassroots website has posted an “Open Letter” on its’ website to Attorney General Koster who is a strong proponent of Proposition B. The Open Letter seeks the Attorney General’s his opinion regarding this critical question.

When something sounds too good to be true it probably is. A stronger Missouri educational system is a laudable goal, but does Proposition B really deliver on its promises?

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Open Letter

Take a stand AGAINST Proposition B and demand transparency from the Attorney General and the Missouri Legislature. Send of copy of States On The Take’s Open Letter to Chris Koster, Missouri Attorney General. It’s easy, and will only take a minute of your time. Click here.

An excerpt from the Open Letter to Attorney General Koster:

Dear Attorney General Koster:

Despite the claims and assurances made by supporters of “Proposition B”, we are concerned that there appears to be no real safeguards within the Proposition which would accomplish the following: Specifically confirm that the passing of Proposition B would result in a guaranteed increase of the Missouri education budget, at least equal to the amount of taxes raised by the Proposition.

Click Here to Read the Entire Open Letter

States on the Take Combating the “Machine”

How does an eight-year old state government watchdog combat a multi-million dollar misinformation machine? By leveraging the same vehicle that every pop sensation uses: the Internet.

Through this current Missouri election cycle, States On The Take has monitored both media coverage and broadcast advertising on Proposition B. So what did all this political fact-finding uncover?

A remarkably one-sided media narrative. That’s one reason States On The Take labeled the 760% Missouri tax increase as “Proposition B-Careful.” In addition, States On The Take has released the two video audits debunking many of the Proposition B-Careful claims.

As States On The Take contributing consultant Charles Andy Arnold, shared, “At first it was the education and healthcare funding story 24/7. Then, the media talked about the Missouri tax increase of 760%. Only now are we seeing some traction on the real story: where is the money really going? And how will it impact current and future Missouri state government budgets?”

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